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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers

How much does the class cost?

The class cost $475. It includes 30 hours of class, the written test, 6 hours of Behind the Wheel training with an instructor. Payments are possible. Please talk to one of our instructors when registering.

What is the time frame to complete Behind-the-Wheel training as a registered student?

As listed in the contract a student has 12 months from the date of permit issuance to complete Behind-the-Wheel training. If outside of the contract a $50 fee will be charged per drive time needed to be completed.

What is the individual pricing for services?

  • Written test $20 Limit to 4 test total

    • Retest $20

  • Drive test $80/our car due to Covid-19​ Limit to 1 test per day 4 test total

    • Retest $80/our car​

  • Behind-the-Wheel training - $70/hour or $375 for 6 hours ​

  • 30 hours of in-classroom instruction - $175 (includes written test

  • 2-hour classroom instruction in Spanish $95 ( includes written test)

Are you able to do 3rd Party Testing? What does 3rd Party Testing mean?

Yes we are a stated certified and regulated testing facility. 3rd Party Testing is meant to help facilitate the process of applying for a Driver's Permit or Driver's License. The state of Colorado certifies our instructors to proctor the different exams. Once a individual takes the exam, if s/he passes s/he will be given documents that will then need to be turn into a Department of Motor Vehicles before an official permit or license can be issued.

What do I need for the Drive Test?

You will need to provide an Instruction Permit and  $80 (can be paid online or in-person)*Currently, we are solely testing in company cars

What do I need to take the Written Test?

The cost of the Written test is $20. You will need to present a Photo ID when you come to take the test. Below is a list of accepted IDs.
·        Photo ID. School ID., Green card, Colorado ID etc. 
·        No cell phone use during the test

How do I schedule an appointment at the Driver License Office?

Click on the following link to schedule an appointment. Select the service for the New ID Card

Driver License Appointment

How do I pre-register/ apply for a new drivers license or identication card?

This is essential for all new applicants. Please follow the link and follow the instructions. You will chose Apply for Driver License/ ID 


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