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Here are commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered please contact us.


The class cost $395. It includes 30 hours of class, the written test, 6 hours of Behind the Wheel training with an instructor, and the drive test.

Q: How do I register my student?
  • To register for the class you can go online at print the forms and then mail them to our office 29 N Main St Brighton Co
  •  Come in and register in the office. It is best to call first to ensure that someone is in the office.

Q: Are you able to do 3rd Party Testing?
   Yes we are a stated certified and regulated testing facility.

Q: What does 3rd Party Testing mean?
3rd Party Testing is meant to help facilitate the process of applying for a Driver's Permit or Driver's License. The state of Colorado certifies are instructors to proctor the different exams. Once a individual takes the exam, if s/he passes s/he will be given documents that will then need to be turn into a Department of Motor Vehicles before an official permit or license can be issued.

Q: What do I need for the Drive Test?
 You will need to provide a Driver's Permit, registration, current insurance for the car that you will be testing in and $40 (unless you are one of our students). Lights, wipers, signals everything needs to be working in the vehicle, no cracks in the line of sight on the windshield

Q: What do I need to take the Written Test?
The cost of the Written test is $20. You will need to present a Photo ID when you come to take the test. Below is a list of accepted IDs.

·        Photo ID. School ID., Green card, Colorado ID etc. 

·        No cell phone use during the test

Q: Do you do Behind the Wheel Training?


 Yes we offer Behind the Wheel Training. The cost is $45 per hour or $270 for 6 hours. For the first drive we require a minimum of 2 hour in order to provide the best possible instruction. Behind the Wheel Training is completed by appointment only. Appointments need to be made at least one week in advance.

Q: What is the best way to contact you?


 The best way to contact us is either by using our Contact page or by phone at (303) 654-8277. If you call please leave a detailed message with your name and number. We will return your call within 36 hours.

Q: Will I receive a discount on my insurance?

Yes. The discounts vary among insurance companies, so you should check with your provider. Upon completion of the course, we issue a certificate for submission to your insurance company.